The Southern African Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases was established at the biennial conference of the South African Paediatric Association on 31st May 2008 at Sun City. A constitution was discussed and adopted after insightful contributions from colleagues. The Society is affiliated to FIDSSA (Federation of Southern African infectious Diseases Societies).

The aims of the Society are:

  • To advance the understanding of paediatric infectious diseases.
  • To promote the exchange of information relating to all aspects of paediatric infectious diseases
  • To foster greater collaboration between the clinical and laboratory based
  • Disciplines. These include Adult Infectious diseases, Medical Virology and Medical microbiology and Infection Control
  • To promote the development and exchange of knowledge, information and ideas in support of the prevention and control of hospital and community associated paediatric infections
  • To advise with regard to the training and maintenance of standards within the disciplines.
  • To forge links with societies representing similar interests throughout the world.
  • To promote a family-based approach to infectious diseases in the community
  • to further the Society proposes to affiliate with the World Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases.