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Examples of US CDC’s international partnerships and projects

27 Sep 2019

This video highlights examples of US CDC’s international partnerships and projects that are helping to improve antibiotic use and stop the spread of germs. FIDSSA members may be interested to see how the Inspire project at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is reducing neonatal infections using IPC, surveillance, environmental cleaning and AMS approaches. 

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Angeliki Messina was awarded the FIDSSA-Institut Merieux Young Investigator Award

In 2017, Angeliki Messina was awarded the FIDSSA-Institut Merieux Young Investigator Award. Here, she discusses why she chose to apply, how she’s used the funds to support her research career and shares helpful hints for future applicants. 

Angeliki’s background and achievements

Angeliki is the Quality Systems and Innovation Manager of the Netcare Private Hospital Group. She leads the management and implementation of the antibiotic stewardship programme across 56 Netcare hospitals in South Africa. She obtained a B. Pharm degree (with distinction) in 2009 and an M. Pharm degree in 2018. She also obtained advanced certification in antibiotic stewardship through the Making a Difference in Infectious Diseases organisation in 2015. Angeliki has authored papers in peer-reviewed journals on successful alternative models for antibiotic stewardship in resource-limited settings. In recognition of her work in this field, she has also won the “Best Care Always!” Health systems Improvement Award in 2014 and 2015 and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of SA Young Scientist Award in 2016.  She is a working group member of FIDSSA’s SA Antibiotic Stewardship Programme. In 2017, she was appointed honorary lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand. 

Why did I apply for the award?

I applied for the award in 2017 as it was an opportunity to possibly obtain additional resources to fulfil my future research goals in the field of antibiotic stewardship. I thought the award criteria were unique as they recognized contributions already made and aimed to support young candidates for their future research work. I also discussed the possibility of applying with some of my colleagues and got additional encouragement. Ultimately, the award provided a platform to be acknowledged for my contributions to the field of antibiotic stewardship in South Africa. 

How have I used the award?

The award has helped fund current research projects I am working on, including the costs of publication fees and attending conferences to increase my knowledge base and keep abreast of best practices globally. It also helped to partially fund my post graduate studies and I still have a little bit left over to help complete an international certification course which I am currently exploring. 

Hints for potential applicants from Angeliki?

This is a huge opportunity to be recognized for your hard work and contribution in your field. Take the time to complete the application (don’t leave it to the last minute) and make sure you adhere to the application requirements. Ask a friend/colleague to review your application to make sure all aspects are covered. If you are thinking of applying, I’d really encourage you to - it’s certainly worth it if you win and, if not, there really isn’t anything to lose.