Infection Control Society of Southern Africa

The Infection Control Society of Southern Africa “ICSSA” is a body corporate and is vested with all the powers and obligations required for achieving its objectives.

The purpose of the Society is to undertake the business of ICSSA of promoting the development and exchange of knowledge, information and ideas in support of the prevention and control of hospital and community associated infections.

The objectives of the Society include the education and training of Practitioners in Infection Control, the development and standardization of infection prevention and control curricula and practice through-out the region. Other objectives include information dissemination by way of publication, networking, congresses and scientific meetings plus the accreditation of Practitioners in Infection Control.
Ordinary membership of the Society is granted to medical practitioners, nurses, medical scientists, medical technologists, pharmacists and students; and practitioners in any other field who have made a contribution to the discipline of infectious diseases, infection prevention and control, microbiology or virology and who are registered with the South African Medical and
Dental Council or other equivalent bodies (if appropriate).


Yolanda Van Zyl – Chairperson

Lesley Devenish – Treasurer

Michelle Osborne – Temporary secretary


Practical Manual for implementation of the National IPC Strategic Framework March 2020.pdf
IPC Guidelines COVID-19 Version 2 21 May 2020.pdf
National Infection Prevention and Control Strategic Framework March 2020.pdf