Mycoses Interest Group

What is the FIDSSA Mycoses Interest Group?

This is a working group nested within FIDSSA. This is not a formal society within FIDSSA but a transversal group that draws members from the four FIDSSA societies, i.e. SASCM, IDSSA, SASPID and ICCSA. FIDSSA members can elect to subscribe to the Mycoses Interest Group but remain affiliated and pay membership fees to their primary society. The FIDSSA Mycoses Interest Group is led by a chairperson who reports to the FIDSSA Council.

What is the aim of the FIDSSA Mycoses Interest Group?

The aim of the working group is to cultivate interest and develop expertise in the field of medical mycology among clinical microbiologists, specialist and non-specialist clinicians in infectious diseases and infection control practitioners so that a fully-fledged society may eventually be formed.

What are the main objectives of the FIDSSA Mycoses Interest Group?

The objectives of the Mycoses Interest Group are:

·         To coordinate and provide educational activities related to medical mycoses relevant to southern Africa

·         To develop research collaborations to understand the burden and epidemiology of medical mycoses in South Africa and the southern African region

·         To develop relevant clinical, infection prevention and control and laboratory guidelines for important medical mycoses

·         To advocate for essential antifungal medicines and fungal disease diagnostics in southern Africa

·         To disseminate relevant information about medical mycoses to professionals and members of the public

·         To seek funding to support above-mentioned objectives

How do I join the FIDSSA Mycoses Interest Group?

Contact the FIDSSA administrator (Ms Lea Lourens, email: to subscribe to the Mycoses Interest Group and participate in its activities. Only paid-up members of FIDSSA are currently eligible to join. If you would like to join FIDSSA, please go to our new membership page.